FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Letterpress Wedding Invitations

1. How does letterpress differ from other types of printing?

A letterpress printed card is printed on an antique printing press, often hand-fed.  The printed area is inked and pressed into the paper.  The process dates back to the 15th century when it replaced hand-written calligraphy.  Modern letterpress often uses newer plate technology, the process remains the same.

2.  Do you offer international shipping for wedding invitation orders?

Yes, absolutely!  Invitations are shipped via USPS International Priority, which provides tracking for your package until it reaches Customs in your country.  An upgrade to UPS International will provide tracking until your package reaches your door.  Shipping fees vary according to location, so let us know if you’d like a quote.  Also please note that, in additional to postage, you will be responsible for locally collected import duties and taxes.

3. What determines the pricing for letterpress Wedding invitations?

There are a few different factors that affect pricing, the first being number of ink colors.  Since each color requires a separate set-up and run through the press, each additional color will result in additional cost.

4. I noticed some styles have impression with no ink.  Does this count as an extra ink color?

This effect is called a “blind emboss”, and it is considered a second ink color since it requires a separate plate and set-up.

5. I’d like to have printing on both sides of my letterpress invites.  Is this possible?

It is possible to print on both sides of the wedding invitation, however you would need to go with a 2-ply stock to ensure that the impression won’t show through on either side.

6. What are my options for creating an eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitation?

We are proud to announce that our new house paper is Savoy, a gorgeous 100% cotton stock made entirely from recycled cotton rag. It’s a great tree-free option for eco-friendly invitations. This stock is also archival and acid-free, the perfect choice for a wedding invitation. 

7. I have already designed my own wedding invitations. Can you letterpress print them for me?

Absolutely. These days more and more clients are submitting complete files and we’re more than happy to print them for you. Just email or call us if you have any questions about file set-up or designing for letterpress.

8. I'm on a budget. are there options for more affordable letterpress wedding invitations?

Sure, there are a few ways you can lower your costs. One option is to go with a one-color ink option instead of two, another is to opt for blank envelopes and address your envelopes at home.

9. What are my payment options?

We accept payments by check, paypal or credit card. To provide your credit card number
over the phone, please call us during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm ET). If you are paying by check we will need to wait until the payment clears before shipping your order.

10. What if I require more than three rounds of revisions on my wedding invitation proofs?

The proof process is easier than you probably think, and we rarely exceed three rounds of revisions. If additional rounds are necessary there is $30 charge per round, but we’ll do our best to avoid that.

11. My calligrapher requires extra envelopes, can i order extras?

Your order already includes an extra 10% of outer envelopes at no additional cost, but if need be we can include more for a nominal charge.


Yes!  Moontree offers "Digital Calligraphy" for guest addressing on your Outer Envelopes.  Simply provide your full guest address list and we can have those professionally digitally printed for you.   For your envelope addressing, we will work with you to find a script you like, or a font to match your invitation.  Please note that this service only applies to guest addressing on the Outer Envelopes, and does not include Return Address.