Any letterpress printed item you order from Moontree Letterpress is produced in-house on one of these two beautiful antique presses. If you’re curious about how they work or the process of producing a letterpress piece, please watch the beautiful videos below - produced by photographer and filmmaker Zachary Hartzell.

C&P Old Style Press 7x11

The older of the two, this C&P floor model press was made in 1898 in Cleveland, Ohio. It is operated by foot treadle, therefore requires no electricity to run. I acquired this press without rollers or a treadle back in 2011, and it took some time to fully restore since this model is quite rare (they only made about 3,400 of them before discontinuing production in 1913). Once I found the last part a few years later, I added a beautiful piece of local black walnut wood for the feed table. Working on this press is an absolute joy, and I’m so glad she’s back in operation.

Heidelberg Windmill Press 10x15

This more recent model was made some time in the 1950s in Heidelberg, Germany. Windmill presses are very reliable machines, capable of countless hours of production. This press is operated by motor, and has a very complex system of moving parts compared to the simpler presses of years past. I have been working on this press since I acquired it in 2005, from a retiring printer in Nashville, TN. After all these years, I know every whoosh and every click it makes. She’s a great machine to behold.

more studio equipment

Some years ago I answered an ad to purchase a small guillotine cutter from a closing family business in a nearby town. Their father was a printer who ran his printing operation out of their basement for decades, and had since passed away. They had a lot of equipment for sale that I couldn't use, but I was so happy to find this nice cutter and an antique acme floor model saddle stitch stapler with foot operated pedal. Here they are in action. :)